Thursday, 6 August 2015

Meaning of ROLF TY LOL PS PPS etc In Facebook Chat

About :
Lots of people chatting daily with people. Sometimes peoples have sort time to chat and much to talk, so some people made so sort forms of words which became very popular in chat nowadays. 
Full Forms :
JK = just kidding
JKS = jokes
TY = thank you
WTF = what the f*ck
WTW = For the win
ROLF = rolling on the floor laughing
LMAO = laughing my @ss off
LOL = laugh out loud
OMG = Oh my god
BTW = by the way
CBF = can't be fcuked
NP = no problem
GG = good game
BRB = be right back
GTG = got to go
TTYL = talk to you later
PS = Post Script
PPS = Post Post Script
Hope I didnt forget anyone more. Comment or ask or any full form. Other better list is Here.
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